History of puteus

puteus was founded as a small handicraft company in Meerbusch in 1979 by the parents of the present managing directors. It was in a garage where the goods were stocked first. But soon it became evident that  there was a great demand for accessories for the construction of wells.

More and more this business developed. When their father died in 1988, the three sons, who were studying or still visiting school at that time, took over their parents´ enterprise. With great engagement they started to expand the small company to a successful retailing company. When they moved to Krefeld Stratum they got a much better storage capacity.

Soon it became clear that only a product diversification could grant further growth. Now, the focus was put on the field of irrigation and international contacts lead to new, worldwide suppliers.

Deep friendships have developed by regularly visits to production plants e.g. in Asia and, at the same time, enabled puteus to control production processes and qualities. That was the basis for the success in Europe. Right from the beginnings products of high quality have been in the centre of interest and not the so called cheap products. This has strengthened customer relationships and the first customers still belong to the large circle of regular customers.

From then on it was the aim to enlarge the number  of customers by taking part in international fairs, e.g. in the USA. An own subsidiary in the US was founded to reach this aim. This US branch opened the overseas business for puteus. But when the Euro was introduced and the US dollar lost in value this commercial field lost its importance and  business in the US was no longer run by the US subsidiary but was given into the hands of sales representatives.

The enlarging number of customers as well as the steadily increasing demand for products that
complete the range of products have always been a challenge for  puteus. The development and construction of products have expanded with the help of a highly motivated staff of technicians and  engineers. The new focus was set on the manufacturing of OEM-products for industry and technical trade companies.

At the end of the 1990ies the capacity at the existing location in Krefeld Stratum  was also exhausted and puteus had to move again. For more than 17 years now puteus has been located in Tönisvorst.


At the same time, puteus also concentrated on the construction of its own manufacturing sites in Germany. With the acquisition of the company “Schlösser Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG” in Olpe by the families de Gruyter and Stach puteus could gain a manufacturer for water meters and heating fittings and valves. Since 1954, Schlösser has made itself well known in the market.
Following this acquisition, the purchase of production lines and licences to produce angle valves and washing machine valves of the Italian company Sanitaps s.r.l. was a significant building block for the future. All these automated production plants were transported from Italy to Olpe and were installed there in record time. This was an important step towards a full-range supplier for the sanitary and heating sector.

In 2000 and 2002 puteus acquired the companies Werner Schütz Wasserzähler GmbH & Co. GmbH and Heinrich Schulte GmbH & Co. KG. Manufacturers for water meters with a government authorisation for testing and calibration and for high quality sanitary taps and mixers. With these acquisitions puteus could fill the still existing gaps in its product ranges.

Due to the fact that Werner Schütz, founded in 1928, is one of the few companies that are allowed to calibrate water meters this company does not only work for our group of companies but also for many other companies that sell water meters.
By the acquisition of Heinrich Schulte the group now covers the sanitary sector, too. From construction to foundry, electro plating, assembling and quality controls Heinrich Schulte has been producing high quality taps and mixers for kitchen and bathroom since 1921.

But it was in the years 2009 and 2010 that the company group again had to find new solutions because of the very successful business development. Confined spaces in the recently acquired production sites forced the managers to search for new and larger buildings. In 2010 they could get ground, buildings and manufacturing facilities of the company g.t.s. Galvanotechnik and in 2011 the property of a former textile company, both situated in Iserlohn. State-of-the-art storage and production halls now allow to expand the group´s capacities

Our company group´s motto is “Water-in-motion” and that is not without good reason. Today we can offer a vast range covering the whole domestic installation systems: from water meters to bathroom mixers, from washing machine hoses to water features for your garden.