We always keep an eye on quality:

Our quality management is customer orientated according to DIN EN ISO 9001. We always meet the challenge to offer highest qualities for products and services and we only use tested raw materials for our products.

All external products are examined with regard to quality and suitability. They will only be used after having passed material tests. The production process of own products is subject to strict  quality controls on a random basis. Leakage tests are carried out on all products.

Many of the puteus-products meet the requirements indicated in the DVGW-, SVGW-, KTW- and ACS-regulations or are in compliance with noise classifications (PA-certificates). Mandatory standards for dimensions and noise characteristics are followed.

All brass products that are for the use with drinking water fully  meet the requirements of the current Drinking Water Ordinance/ UBA-list. Faucets and washing machine valves  
fulfill all technical criteria when correctly used in garden, kitchen and household.