Size and Weight

Unless otherwise stated, all dimensions are in millimeters (mm) and weights are in grams (g).
PN = nominal pressure in bars 1 bar 10N/cm² => ca. 10 m column of water
DN = nominal diameter in inches or mm 1" = 25.4 mm => ca. 25 mm
Nominal pressure is the maximum applicable pressure at the standard temperature, which, unless otherwise stated, is 20°C.
Nominal diameter is the excess pressure when all operational conditions are taken into consideration, including pressure surges. It depends on the operating temperature, the medium, the size of the component/valve, and, where applicable, the type of seal.
There are legal provisions or regulations that apply to certain areas of application and that take precedence over the guidelines provided in this catalog.


The details presented in this catalog with respect to pressure and temperature conditions refer to water.
Suitability for gases, oils, or glycolic or other media should be investigated in light of the operating pressure and operating temperature. Our applicability information may not be applied to media or operating conditions other than those that have been approved without our clearance.

Custom Models

If there are no articles in our standard program that are suitable for your needs, we can also create custom models upon request. For this, we would need a detailed letter of inquiry with the corresponding number of units as well as drawings or sample parts.

Installation Instructions

A. Screw Thread

Connection dimensions and screw thread of complementary proportions must always be selected.
The screw thread should not be too strongly sealed with hemp or sealing tape, which is to say that after the hemp has been applied, the crest of the thread must still be visible. Sealing the thread too strongly will increase the pressure in the component. Over time, that pressure can cause cracks.
To avoid causing damage during installation, the components should be conventionally screwed in with the appropriate, customary tools, without excessive force and without lever extension.
Self-sealing valves must not be sealed further with hemp or sealing tape. The corresponding mating thread must be of sufficient length (min. 12 mm). Where applicable, components are only to be installed on the spanner flats provided for that purpose by means of a suitable spanner/pliers. Our products must be installed without tension in due consideration for the information above. Alignment, e.g., of connections that we provide by means of heating appliances, is prohibited because this can also cause tension cracks and secondary damage later on.
Where applicable, connecting different metals or alloys can cause corrosion, for which puteus GmbH cannot be held liable (e.g., connections between brass and stainless steel or copper with zinc-plated metals). These characteristics are to be checked before our products are installed.
The components' pressure and sealing are to be carefully tested after installation. Where applicable, the installation instructions that are enclosed with the components are to be observed when doing so.

B. Gate Valve

After disassembly/repairs/maintenance work, the upper section is only to be reassembled with a raised sealing wedge.
Do not damage sealing surfaces/key seats. Sealing wedges cannot be replaced.

C. Socket Slide Valve

These must only be installed in closed position. Key seats must not be damaged by screwing in pipes by force.

D. Ball Valves

To ensure operability, for example, only set ball valves on very low static and dynamic power. Where applicable, the component should be supported by appropriate measures (e.g., pipe clamps or similar). The torque to be applied to the ball valve must only be applied to the spanner flats at the end that is being screwed in, otherwise there is a risk that the ball valve could be unsealed or cracked. Likewise, bodies and ball valve screwing components must not be screwed against one another. Doing so would also cause leaks and/or the risk of breakage.

E. Pipe and hose connections

According to DIN EN 1717 pipe and hose connections for devices that contain non-potable water (e.g. washing machines) must be connected to a water intake using a backflow preventer to avoid any backflow of polluted water into the potable water line.

Further Information:

Unless otherwise indicated or unless they are provided with drain plugs that are used to empty the valve before the frost season, no valves (taps, check valves, foot valves, gate valves, ball valves, etc.) are frost-resistant.
Chrome plated surfaces, e.g., on bathroom fixtures or device connector valves, are sensitive to lime-dissolving agents, acidic cleaners, and all types of abrasives. These surfaces must only be cleaned with clear water and a soft cloth (leather).

Our pumps, wall and standing fountains are provided with a protective coating for transport purposes by the manufacturer. This first layer of paint is not considered to be a permanent corrosion protection or optical coating.

We offer no guarantee for wearing parts in the event of corrosion or malfunction due to very hard water or contaminated water lines (e.g., with respect to sealing or mixing jets) or due to improper assembly; chemical or mechanical events during transportation, storage, connection, repair, or use; or improper handling of products.
We provide the statutory guarantee for defects in our products that arise due to material or manufacturing defects or through normal use. Defects due to non-observance of the information above are excluded from that guarantee.

Previous documents cease to be valid upon publication of the catalog. Our catalog serves exclusively as a basis for wholesale, industrial, and technical information and work. It is not a sales document.

Returns are only permitted based on prior written agreement; this particularly applies to custom production. Return deliveries that are not prepaid will not be accepted.

Legal information:
According to the Drinking Water Ordinance [esp. §§ 3 and 17], every tapping point of water that is not intended for human use be permanently marked with a notice "no drinking water" and safeguarded against inappropriate use!
Tapping systems for non-drinking water that are installed in the household in addition to the drinking water supply system must be reported to the health authority!

Specifications and illustrations as well as descriptions and packing units are non-binding. They are purely informational and no legal obligation may be derived from them.
We reserve the right to make technical and formal changes in the interest of further technical development or that are necessary for financial reasons. Alterations and additions are made continuously.
We assume no liability for any printing errors or divergent illustrations. In the event of erroneous size information, the figures at the start of printing will no longer apply.